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Naruto Lost Generations

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Post  Lucano on Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:11 pm

Naruto Lost Generations 23urgqb

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Naruto Lost Generations 5y6n7l

One would be forgiven for assuming that with the countless billions of inhabitants in the world of Naruto the acts of an individual count for little. Yet there are equally countless tales of inidividuals that through skill, perseverance or luck shaped the world around them and made their mark on history. Maybe most of these tales are only fables, kept alive with forlorn hope by the insignificant many.

In a brand new world and an everchanging environment, there is a time when alternate dimensions from all walks of life clash and form into each other. The world of Naruto is at its greatest height in brilliance, basking in the glory of the start of a new shinobi era. Born from the prowess of a shinobi known as the Sage of Six Paths, chakra is a new thing not many grasp - and even fewer can master. Now, with a fully customizeable world, you, the roleplayers, get to decide the fate of the tribes and forcefully turn the pages of history. Heed the call of the beckoning world of Gaia!

Naruto Lost Generations Flm5gw

  • An exciting and always changing roleplay environment!
  • Player driven roleplay. Plotline changes depending on what YOU do!
  • Unique full character customization opportunities!
  • Unique full specialization customization opportunities!
  • Premade villages with an expansive storyline you decide!
  • Respectful administrators, moderators and an eager community!
  • Naruto-based roleplay with many unique roles for you to take on!
  • Warring factions, tribes and shinobi fighting for dominion over Gaia!
  • Unique talent tree systems and personalization unlike anywhere else!
  • What do you fight for? Your tribe - your village, or yourself?

Naruto Lost Generations 23urgqb


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