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Post  Sora on Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:10 am

Naruto: Tenebrae Surgentes Naruto10


Name: Naruto: Tenebrae Surgentes

Age Disclaimer: PG-13. Our Forum for the most part is PG-13, however there are forums that have a Mature Rating so you should enter at your own risk and read the topics at your own risk.

Description: Here at Naruto: Tenebrae Surgentes we take pride in the art of roleplay. We would love to invite you to our roleplay so you to can take part in the Naruto roleplay that we have put together for your enjoyment. We adore our members and will aid you in creating a character and getting into the roleplay as fast as possible. Character creation is easy, unfortunately we only allow original characters, all of the Canon characters are played by the admins to make sure everyone is even, and can all fairly choose their sides and learn from the canon characters. Along with this we take place in an 'alternate' universe allowing the game to focus on many aspects of different characters rather then just one character (Ala Naruto) our first plot is located right below the description. We do hope that you will consider us for your roleplaying needs. Thank you. (Link is attached to the banner.)



Our story begins like every other story that has any merit of being told. Our story begins with a single action that is made to shape the world. Our story starts with Megumi Nomaku, a woman of the Nomaku clan who 20 years before the start of our storyline did an action that would forever shape the world that we know and adore today. Megumi Nomaku was a normal teenage girl at the time when she was confronted by the evil of Sai Shirokami a man of the Shirokami clan who was, at the time, a rival of the Nomaku clan. Megumi was always the prize of the Nomaku clan, her beauty and skill was not matched in Iwagakure, and this made Sai highly jealous.

Sai wasn't one to be very kind either, on the even of Megumi's 20th birthday he heard that she had given birth to a child whom she had named Sora. Sai quickly reacted to this news and kidnapped the child which sent the Nomaku clan into a frenzy and made the current head of the Nomaku clan get into a confrontation with the head of the Shirokami clan. Megumi knew however who had taken the child, and knew where the man was. She saw the turmoil that the clan's feud with each other was causing for the city and quickly reacted by using her sensing jutsu to track down Sai. Eventually, she tracked him down to the mountain overlooking the village.

Sai had prepped a trap for Megumi during this time that she was searching and tracking him. So he just stood there when she had reached him. Megumi noting the child was safe for now began approaching him and noticed his calm demeanor so instead of falling into his trap, she easily noticed his trap and quickly did a jutsu allowing her to attack him from afar and bind him in place. Sai, having not expected this, fell into it quite easily. She jumped over his trap and landed in-front of him taking Sora way from him, and in her anger at him stealing her only daughter, shoved him off the cliff sending him falling to his death.

Megumi then returned to the city to find that the part of the city that was housing her clan and the Shirokami clan was in near ruin from the battle that had ensued between the two clans. This brought to Megumi's attention that there was nothing that she could do to stop the combat between the two clans. She had, however, noticed that something had changed inside of her. The death of Sai would bring horrible consequences on her and she did not wish for those consequences to effect Sora in anyway. She gave Sora to her sister and quickly fled the village so that she could protect her clan and her daughter. Our story begins like any other story would begin, with a single action that was made to shape the world.

Chapter 1: The New Age

Megumi's story was not over there however, twenty years later Iwagakure had heard news that there was a woman baring their headband attacking smaller villages using an army of what seemed like Ninja's. This brought an unfortunate turn to the village of Iwagakure so they sent out scouts to ensure that this was one of their ninjas. The scouts reported back in almost tatters several of them were dead, and only a few were able to come back and even they were near death. However the story was true, it was indeed one of their own ninjas, even worse the woman's identity was confirmed as none other then Megumi Nomaku.

The Tsuchikage came to visit the clan Nomaku and talked to the head, who was now Megumi's sister. They discussed Megumi's threat level and eventually the Tsuchikage had decided that her threat was to large to ignore. He called together the other Kage's and they had a meeting to decide that it was best that they protect the smaller villages and fight against Megumi as her threat was already large enough to attack and destroy the larger villages quite easily. So the five Shinobi villages for the first time came together in an alliance to combat the forces of Megumi Nomaku and her army of rouge ninjas. However something happened the the Tsuchikage did not expect...

Sora Nomaku had over heard him talking to her aunt, and through her own power she had stolen a load of secret scrolls from the Administration building and retreated from the city, killing several of the specialized guards as well. This angered the Tsuchikage and brought shame upon the Nomaku clan for no one knew the reason that Sora had betrayed them. The story of Sora Nomaku and the many other ninja's that would shape the world that everyone knew today had just begun with this single action by Sora Nomaku. Another story was well on its way to being made, the only question is... Where will you fit in this story?


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